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Energy ratings and advice

An Energy Rating is a legislative requirement for all new buildings.  Your project has to pass energy efficiency standards in order to be given approval for construction.  Energy Efficiency sections of the National Construction Code provide the criteria that need to be met.  There are various ways to demonstrate compliance.


The NatHERS scheme provides a modelled star rating for your dwelling. This is our preferred method and will use it where practical.  It uses software to model year round heating and cooling loads.  


"Elemental Provisions" is a Deemed-to-Satisfy solution.  This method looks at every element in a building and has to pass the minimum requirement for each element.  For example an R-rating for a wall or the insulation on the ceiling.  All these elements have to pass the requirements.  For certain types of construction, this is a fairly easy way to pass, for other's it is more difficult.  As an example, an external rammed earth wall will never pass an Elemental Provision requirement.  

Protocol for Alterations and Additions

Additionally, there is a protocol for Alterations and Additions that need to be met,  This protocol makes allowances for older parts of a building.  At the time the original building was built, the requirements for energy efficiency were not as strict.  This is taken into account when deriving a rating for the altered building   Send us a copy of your plans and we will gladly provide you with a fee proposal on your current project. 

Verification Method Using a Reference building

The VURB method targets a better heating and cooling load than that of a reference building that complies with the BCA requirements.

Section J Reports - Commercial Assessments

Section J Assessment and Compliance Reports are required
for all commercial buildings as part of the Development
Application process to demonstrate a design’s ability to
comply with the BCA.

Assessing Existing Dwellings

We can provide a report for your existing dwelling recommending improvements in order to cut energy bills and provide a more comfortable dwelling year-round.  Our reports focus on aspects of your house that can easily be improved, giving priority to changes that are either very easy to perform or changes that make an enormous difference to the comfort of your home.

What we will do

We pride ourselves on customer service and so we do not just churn out the energy rating report and send it off.  We like to liaise with you to get you the desired outcome and explain in plain English what the issues are.  By advising on the options available for improvement we seek to provide a best possible outcome.  Often by the time the energy assessor gets involved the design has already been locked in.  Contact us early so we can do some modelling around concepts so that great results are achieved while changes are still easily possible.

Energy Efficient Design Service

In collaboration with a highly experienced designer, we provide a full Energy Efficient Design service that takes solar passive design principles into account from the very beginning.  In fact, before we even start with a clean-sheet design, energy efficiency is already present. We take all your wishes into account when we design your dream eco house with high energy efficiency ratings in Perth.  If we have not been involved in the selection and purchase of the land, we would certainly want to make a site visit before we begin.

To rate and model the energy efficiency, we use the NatHERS scheme to model design options.   NatHERS stands for Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme uses a rating system from 1 to 10 stars that rates the energy efficiency of a dwelling. This star rating is based on the performance of a design in a specific climate.  The scheme uses accredited software to model a home's performance. It takes into consideration a myriad of factors to determine the anticipated heating and cooling loads.  So it measures the thermal performance of a dwelling in a specified climate zone.  It might not be perfect but it is the best tool available to rate a home's performance.  Usually, it falls down when the as-built scenario is different to the design.  When GREENHIVE eco does the design and builds the home, we are able to ensure that it is built to the high standard it was designed to.

At GREENHIVE eco - Energy Efficient Design Perth - we aim for a high star rating.  Early in the design phase, while changes are still easily made, we model various options.  This way we can efficiently arrive at a high thermal rating.  Our aim is to design as close to 10 stars as possible, balancing that with the constraints we have been given.  Couple that with a meticulous eye for detail during the construction phase and the end result is truly an outstanding home.

8 star+ eco homes

At GREENHIVE eco - Eco Homes Perth, a lot of thought and energy goes into the design stage of functional eco homes.  In collaboration with a highly skilled and experienced designer and an energetic and passionate builder we deliver!  It all starts with optimising a design to solar passive principles but without compromising the wants and needs of the client.  So, things like orientation, shading, window type and sizes, zoning, insulation, innovative building products and thermal mass all contribute to how comfortable a building feels within its climate.  For an outstanding design, all these elements need due attention.  

However, before all that happens the site needs to be well orientated and be free from too many limitations.  The micro-climate conditions also play an important role in the ultimate performance of the building.  Ideally contact us even before you have purchased a site and we will assist with this important aspect of the journey.

GREENHIVE eco are a team of professionals that bring together the skills needed to deliver on our promise "Our small team will give you an affordable tailor design and deliver a super comfortable year round 8 star+ eco home."  We use sustainable materials with a low embodied energy that add comfort, texture and flair, without adding cost.  

We do not design a house and then send it off to the the energy rater and hope for the best.  GREENHIVE eco will model early concept designs into our software so that our eco designs are optimal from the very beginning. Hence our designs rate extremely well in the thermal efficiency stakes and they do so without sacrificing functionality and cohesion.

The construction of our homes is done to very high standards so that our on paper designs translate into a well-performing home.  We do that by keeping a meticulous eye on the details.  Our homes are sealed to an exceptional standard and insulation is fitted with great care.  Without this important link a home may perform well on paper but what about where it really counts?